Our Engineering team is made up of some of the most efficient and well-trained professionals in the industry. The company boasts of being the standard at which our competitors try to achieve. With over a hundred engineering personnel and 12 service providers, Technolux is able to reach out to anywhere in the archipelago; effectively and efficiently.

We have always thought of our customers first. The success of their business is our success as well. Thus establishing a reliable backbone for our customers, have also been a key cornerstone in our success. Technolux established, as part of its business operation the Customer Service Hotline which operates from 8am to 7pm 7-days a week. This allows us to monitor our service to our customers and keeping our standards at its optimum level. This process allows us to provide the shortest downtime to our customers; ensuring better business operation.



Address: 2176 Primo Rivera Street, La Paz, Makati City, Philippines
Trunk line : +63 (2) 897-4477
Fax: +63 (2) 897 7117
Customer Service: +63 (2) 897-4477