Granita Machine


Model: Ultra-2 Liquid Autofill with CFV

Brand: BUNN

Maintain constant control: the Ultra 2 CFV [Constant Flow Valve] Liquid Autofill system allows you all the freedom of an automatically refilling, profit generating, frozen beverage machine, while also providing you with the opportunity to fine-tune your product mix ratios with a simple twist of a knob.

  • Two large 3gal (11.4L) hoppers for optimum cooling and serving capacity
  • Enhanced “no-lube” design on faucets and seals which simplifies installation and cleaning
  • Refrigeration system internally monitored to ensure long lasting performance
  • Reversing auger design quickens freeze time and reduces air mixing
  • Very simple to program and run with touchpad display, which also guides cleaning and preventive maintenance
  • Sanitation listed by NSF to Standard 18 (includes dairy & alcohol)
  • Specially coated metal parts to resist effects of coastal environments

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