Cleaning & Laundry Show 2019

Thursday is a big day for our laundry division as we join the “1st Cleaning and Laundry Show 2019” as co - presentors. The event will be held from February 21-23 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City. We hope to see you all there!

The three-day event will gather local and international suppliers, manufacturers, exhibitors, customers and companies involved in laundry systems, cleaning equipment and chemicals, janitorial and custodial supplies and IT service providers.

We will showcase our array of laundry equipment such as cutting-edge smart hard- and soft-mounted washer-extractors, tumble-dryers, detergents, steamers and ironers that they import and supply to the country’s top hotels, resorts, laundromats and other institutions. Some of the world-class brands that will be featured are IPSO (the world’s most dependable manufacturer of laundry equipment); Firbimatic (closed circuit dry cleaning machines); Braun (heavy duty industrial washer extractors, tumble dryers, flatwork ironers, automatic feeders, bed sheet and towel folders); Seitz (laundry detergents, wet cleaning detergents and dry cleaning solvents); Autovalet Systems (fully automated conveyor system and Sidi Mondial (laundry pressing machines, dry cleaning utility press, form finishers, cuff and collar press, vacuum ironing tables and spotting tables).

During the event, we are also set to highlight the “Self-Service Coin-Operated Laundry Business”, a full cycle approach in owning a laundry enterprise, offering clients multiple business packages that will suit their preferences. The coin-operated business is powered by IPSO laundry equipment. Based in USA, IPSO belongs to Alliance Laundry Systems Network, the global leader in commercial laundry with presence in over 100 countries. These equipment are smartly designed and equipped with the latest technology to boost efficiency and reduce water, energy and detergent costs. We offer different ways to get into the coin-operated laundry enterprise. Clients can simply purchase individual IPSO washers and dryers so they can start their own business by themselves or they can choose from different packages for a turn-key business.

Our foreign principals will be some of the speakers in the event. These include Andrew Kan, IPSO Director of Sales, Key Accounts who will talk about IPSO Coin-Operated Laundry Equipment; David Kidney, Braun’s Commercial Director, Asia-Pacific whose topic is about Braun’s History and Products; Vincenzo Minarelli, Firbimatic Export Sales Director who will speak on Alternative Solvent and Dry Cleaning Machine; Norbert Perera, Seitz Malaysia’s General Manager who will share insights on Wet Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning Processes and John Varley, Autovalet VP of Sales whose topic is on Autovalet Dresscode System and How It Works.

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