TLXTECHNOLUX is the Philippines’ largest importer and distributor that supplies a complete line of foodservice, small wares and laundry equipment for hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, resorts, hospital, manufacturing and industrial plants and other institutions. It has established over 41 years of unparalleled expertise that unquestionably helps bolster the backbone of the food service and hospitality in the Philipines.

In line with Technolux’s commitment to improve, the Technolux By Design Consultancy Division was established to offer an economical and practical solution for projects that require an  external design service. The objective is to offer a seamless service with a holistic solution by providing the right design and complementing it with the right equipment. The Design Consultancy Division of Technolux is composed of personnel who have the expertise and experience in dealing with various projects here and abroad. The company has effective and innovative service complemented with economical value.

This unit works closely other equipment providers in the industry as well. Technolux believes in the strength of many. Through working with others, we are able to fine tune our preparations, thus giving us more holistic approach.

Kitchen Design Services

  • Food Service Consulting
  • Commercial Kitchen Design
  • Design Development
  • Autocad Design Plan
  • Utility Schedule
  • MEPF Layout
  • Equipment Specification Sheets
  • Value Engineering
  • Commissary Kitchen Design

Laundry / House Keeping

  • Specialized Laundry System
  • Tunnel Washing System
  • Valet Laundry & Dry Cleaning
  • Uniform Storage and Retrieval Systems
  • House Keeping

Back of the House

  • Receiving & Storage System
  • Refrigeration Storage System
  • Staff Facility
  • Stewarding Area

Phase 1: Conceptual Schematic Designphase 1

Technolux will design a schematic layout based on the parameters set by the project and design team together with the client. The layout will established the workflow in assigned floor space. This will enable their respective teams to optimize its use.

In this stage we use the briefing information to analyze the project scope, while site and climatic conditions, building orientation, aspects and views are considered. A final proposed design is often submitted at the end of this stage to the client to seek planning / development approval.

Ideas are developed via sketches, drawings, models and computer simulations to assist our Client’s understanding of a design idea.

phase 2Phase 2: Design Development

Technolux will prepare a comprehensive study comprising lay-out, schedule of equipment, installation and fabrication among others, based on the approved schematic plans. At this stage, all details of the project such as preliminary Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) load schedule, preliminary budget and time schedule for the design, bidding, evaluation, supply, installation & commissioning and associated equipment & services will be documented for approval.

This stage takes the design idea to a technical level, where the notions put forward during the initial design stages are tested and examined by the designers and the project engineering team. Design Development will include the detailed investigations necessary to fully scope the technical aspects of the project.

Phase 3: M&E and Rough-In Drawing

Technolux will regularly consult and coordinate with the architect and Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) consultants for the preparations of all necessary detailed working layout drawings and technical specifications of the facility areas based on the proposal as approved by the client and operators. Technolux will also prepare all technical, legal and commercial documents to be issued to tenders.

Phase 4: Tender Process

Technolux will proceed in the development of a comprehensive tender/bid package that will include comprehensive details of all manufactured and fabricated equipment, ratings, schedule, specifications, and other necessary bid documents, short listing of bidders, bid evaluation and recommendation to owners and operators.

Phase 5: Contract Management

Technolux shall control and approve all schematic and technical drawings for the submission to the architect and Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) consultants. At this stage, Technolux will ensure that all details of the project will be met and observed by all participating contractors prior and during installation.

Phase 6: Installation, Testing & Commissioning

Technolux shall assist and control the testing of all equipment and submit a final audit is certified and true ensuring that all warranties are in place, as-built drawings are approved and operator, parts and service manuals are bound into one solid book.

Technolux’s provide installation, testing and commissioning services of supplied equipment on your kitchen to ensure that the appliance performs and conforms to a customer’s, regulator’s and manufacturer’s requirements and regulations.

Project Management

During this stage we, along with the engineering team, work with the builder to ensure compliance with the documents is met. This often entails issues associated with quality, compliance, cost and time. Once construction is complete, we are typically involved in a warranty period for the equipment and our role is to monitor the successful completion of outstanding or defective items by working with the Client and builder.

Instalation and Commissioning

Projects Undertaken and On-Going

Installed Equipments


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