Precision Series Small Piece (Braun)

Braun - Precision Series Small Piece
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Product Description

Model: Precision Series Small Piece
Brand: Braun

  • The Return-To-Feed model offers operators convenience to feed, fold, and receive the precisely folded stacks neatly, quickly, and easily.
  • Returns folded and stacked goods to the operator at the infeed of the machine
  • Smallest footprint of all Braun Small Piece Folders
  • 140 fpm Processing Speed
  • Folds all sizes of towels and items to 42″ x 72″ w/French Fold
  • Folds towels, scrub shirts, pants, gowns, incontinence pads
  • Towels:  Up to 700 – 900/Hour *
  • Gowns:  Up to 600/Hour *
  • Bed Pads:  Up to 800/Hour

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