Precicion Series FlatWork (Braun)

Braun - Precicion Series FlatWorkRevised
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Product Description

Model: Precision Series® Standard Ironers
Brand: Braun

  • Braun steam ironers are available in a variey of configurations and can be ordered in 120″ or 130″ working widths, 32″ or 48″ diameter rolls, can include one, and up to four rolls.
  • Fully insulated canopies with a R-5.7 insulation rating.
  • Insulated side heat shields.
  • Exhaust blower fans were relocated from the exterior rear of the ironer into the side frames.  Placing the fans in closer proximity to the rolls and reducing intake-side resistance will reduce static pressure loss and increased average suction pressure by 16% thus increasing system efficiency.
  • PLC touch screen controls, simple operator intuitive interface
  • Poly chain single motor inverter drive
  • Torsion bar roll suspension
  • Modular design for system expansion
  • Moveable guide ribbon tensioner
  • Unprecedented maintenance access and serviceability

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