Top side Loader (Braun)

Braun - Top Side Loader
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Product Description

Model: Top side Loader
Brand: Braun

  • Single motor drive is standard on all 200, 400 and 600 lb. machines
  • Ramps up to full speed smoothly without stepping, without fixed speeds
  • Allows the machine to pin goods and then go into higher extract speeds removing more water quickly before sending the goods on to the dryer, ironer or tunnel finisher.  More thoroughly extracted goods result in shorter dryer times and lower natural gas costs!
  • Using fewer and less complicated parts, single motor drive Top Side Loaders promise less down time and dollars spent on maintenance….therefore a reduced cost of ownership.
  • A rinse reuse option is available to install Braun Top Side Loaders to a split trench system allowing for optimal water conservation.

For more info visit Braun.


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